Drift sculpture elegantly marries structural engineering, art

London-based artist and designer Gerry Judah’s sculptures have earned a reputation the world over for fluid designs that integrate well into the landscape. Drift, a sculpture located between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, is one such sculpture that was installed in 2020. It boasts similar fluidity to some of Judah’s earlier designs, while presenting a 6.3 m high, 13 m long twisting, writhing silhouette all its own. (In Civil Engineering, see, for example, “Sculpture Pays Homage to the Written Word,” September 2019, pages 34-35, and “New Zealand Sculpture Reaches for the Sky,” April 2018, pages 24-25.)

With sculptures that

Balaji Hume pipes

Hume pipes

RCC Hume Pipes

Reinforced Concrete Cement Pipes

RCC Manhole Covers

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