Construction begins on 2 mi long combined sewer overflow tunnel in Alexandria, Virginia

Large-scale efforts to reduce combined sewer overflows typically have compliance deadlines on the order of 15-25 years. However, such is not the case for RiverRenew, the ongoing $615 million project to reduce CSO discharges into local waterways in Alexandria, Virginia.

In 2017, the Virginia legislature mandated that the project be completed by July 2025, granting a mere eight years for the planning, design, and construction of a scheme that includes a 2 mi long, 12 ft diameter storage and conveyance tunnel; multiple deep shafts; two large, below-ground pumping stations; the significant expansion of the 0.5 mi long Hooffs Run

Balaji Hume pipes

Hume pipes

RCC Hume Pipes

Reinforced Concrete Cement Pipes

RCC Manhole Covers

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