Cost-Push, Demand-Pull, Easy-Money, Fiscal-Excess Inflation

U.S. current (March) inflation of +8.5% year over year for the Consumer Price Index (i.e., known as CPI-U, with the U signifying that it’s for urban consumers) is the highest this century. It’s more than four times greater than the +2.0% figure usually accepted as the desirable target. A little inflation is judged to be a good thing for the economy. By making it easier to pay off loans, it greases the wheels of industry.

Commercial Construction Cost Per Square Foot 2022

I hate to state the obvious, but if you are planning a new commercial construction project, your work has already begun. Break out your to-do checklist and prepare for what may not be as obvious or simple to calculate. These would be the costs, both planned and unpredictable, involved with bringing a commercial project to life. The steady uptick in costs from year to year has made access to materials, land, and labor a tough commodity. Detailed budget planning and strategy are necessary during preconstruction to bring the bottom line to light before your project hits