Strong Retail Sales and Construction Commitments Say No to Recession

Presently, there are a lot of negative factors in play. One might easily cite the disturbing psychological and other impacts of the fighting in Ukraine; the ongoing supply shortages that are only slowly being resolved; an affordability crisis, especially for first-time buyers, in residential real estate; general price inflation that shows little sign of letting up; and central bank moves to raise interest rates.

How Building Product Manufacturers Can Adapt to Supply Chain Conditions for Optimum Performance

One-on-One with Doug Bevill, Vice President, Manufacturer Solutions at ConstructConnect™

Stinging supply-chain woes ripple through the global economy with the reach and tenacity of a world-class boxing champion. Building product manufacturers looking to land a one-two counter punch have a champion of their own in ConstructConnect’s Doug Bevill. With over 30 years of industry experience, Doug specializes in consulting with BPMs on general strategy and optimal ways to leverage ConstructConnect’s best-in-class construction information and other marketing solutions to run and grow their businesses.

12 Mid-March Economic Nuggets

(1) The latest inflation figure for the United States, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is +7.9%, a several-decades high. It’s the year-over-year percentage change in February’s all-items Consumer Price Index, for all urban consumers. The core rate of inflation, which excludes price-volatile food and energy items, is +6.4% y/y. The fact everyone is being ensnared in the strong price advances is captured by the performance of the CPI subcategory, food at home, which has ballooned to +8.6% y/y.