Android phones now offer earthquake detection, alerts

In August, Google announced that its Android phones would be used like mini-seismometers, creating the world’s largest global earthquake detection network: the Android Earthquake Alerts System. 

The system will collect data from phones about ground shaking during an earthquake, aggregate it, and share it with others located further away from the quake’s epicenter to provide early warning of an earthquake’s arrival. 

The alert system was developed by Google in collaboration with global seismology and disaster experts Richard Allen, Ph.D., the director of the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory and the Class of 1954 Professor in the Department of Earth & Planetary

Protecting your business from cyberthieves

The internet ecosystem is constantly evolving, and while it has enabled businesses to grow in ways never thought possible, it has also created a number of unintended opportunities for cyberthieves to take advantage of unsuspecting engineers and their businesses. Knowing what to do should you fall victim to a cyberthief can protect you and your business from serious problems. 

Picture this. You have devoted years to developing proprietary drawings and close relationships with clients. These clients are the backbone of your business. Unfortunately, you wake up one morning and realize that your website and email have been disabled. Your

Louisville Water completes its multiyear lead pipe replacement project

Long before lead in drinking water became a common concern, the Louisville Water Co. began a concerted campaign to identify and remove publicly owned lead service lines from its distribution system. Earlier this year, the utility completed this long-term project, marking a major milestone in its efforts to ensure the safest possible drinking water for its customers.

Amid growing concern regarding lead levels in drinking water in various areas throughout the United States, the Louisville Water Co., in Louisville, Kentucky, recently achieved a notable goal. After 50 years and a $50 million investment, the company removed its last known

High-Tech Rides to Rescue of Residential Real Estate

The Fun of ‘Home’ Shopping on the Internet

In the early days of the coronavirus health crisis, an expectation was held by many analysts in the U.S. and Canada that residential real estate would be devastated. After all, there were enormous jobs and income losses in March and April and with ‘social distancing’ becoming the rule, there was no taste for ‘open houses’ or walk-through visitations.

Houston-area community expands major stormwater detention project

Clear Lake City Water Authority’s recent completion of the second phase of a major flood control project in the Houston area has resulted in additional flood protection for Clear Lake City, a master-planned community located in southeast Harris County, Texas. Comprising five phases, Exploration Green — as the project is known — entails the conversion of a former golf course into a 178-acre stormwater management project that also provides natural habitat, walking trails, and other amenities. Upon completion in late 2021, Exploration Green will consist of five linked detention ponds that will protect between 2,000 and 3,000 homes from